ACEC Conference Highlights

Written on October 1, 2008 – 4:12 am | by margiem

Day One

Highlight of the day was definitely attending the IPT Online session. Richard Kelly has spent a great deal of time creating an all in one site for the content of the syllabus of the Queensland’s IPT course. Fortunately, it lends itself very nicely to our ACT system. The website is as follows:

I also enjoyed the presentation by John Pearce –  salty solutions. He had lots of links to some great resources. The site is as follows:

The actual link to the content in the presentation I attended is:

Day Two
I really enjoyed the keynote address by Margaret Cox. She is a very clever, funny woman!
All of the sessions I attended were really helpful and worthwhile. Mick Prest’s session was great. I signed up for Google Reader and discovered this site. His blog has heaps of useful things on it.

The 10 Steps to Building Better ICT was well presented and interesting. As was Paul Newhouse’s presentation on Maximising the Impact of ICT on Learning in Schools. He had some great rubrics to assess the effectiveness and use of ICT. A document outlining much of what he said can be found at:

Greg Gebhart’s presentation was outstanding. It  was interesting, informative and very entertaining. His site is:

Day Two was definitely much better than Day One.

Day Three

I didn’t win any of the prizes on offer!

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